Being the rebel I am you won’t see a photo of me because, well, I like to remain invisible.”

Who is The Invisible Tourist?

Hi, I’m Alyse! Thank you for your interest in working with me.

With a background in international logistics coordination and graphic design, I travelled for 9 years before deciding to launch The Invisible Tourist detailing my travels. My friends and family always saw me as their go-to person for travel advice so I decided to pour out what’s been stored away in my brain onto a platform where anyone could benefit from accessing and sharing my findings on what I like to call invisible tourism.

Sugar Loaf Islands, New Plymouth

Why Work with The Invisible Tourist?

The Invisible Tourist has a unique approach to travelling

With travel becoming accessible to more and more people, there’s also been a rise in the number of websites dedicated to it. There are loads of blogs that cater to budget travel, travel on the cheap and luxury travel. But what about invisible tourism: everything in between? 

I noticed there was a large void with the information available for travellers with a mid-range budget. Dedicated to these travel experiences, my blog explores ways we can enjoy the perks of being a visitor in a foreign place without ‘standing out’ as a tourist. I knew there must be folk out there like me who enjoyed staying in 3-4-star hotels, preferred blending in with locals and who liked to be prepared before they embarked on their trip. This is what invisible tourism is all about!

Travellers like me are choosing quality, enjoyable experiences over fleeting visits that only scratch the surface of a destination. My blog helps travellers discover the benefits of “being invisible” when they travel and how to achieve this all without backpacks, hostels, Airbnb or 5-star hotels.

Mid Range Travel Blog | The Invisible Tourist

The Invisible Tourist is steadily gaining a following

Since launching in April 2017 The Invisible Tourist is steadily gaining a following of readers who enjoy my unique “invisible tourist” perspectives on the destinations I’ve visited. With a small following so far my personal tried-and-tested itineraries have been heavily shared across social media platforms because of the level of detail I describe for each destination and truthful opinions I express that many may not have heard before. In my articles I always encourage supporting local jobs and businesses and will only recommend products or services I genuinely love and use myself. While also challenging travel stereotypes, I call a spade a spade so readers can be assured I will tell it how it is with my unpopular truths!

The Invisible Tourist has travelled across 4 continents & discovered 230+ cities

I always like to make the most of every destination I visit by spending an extended amount of time there. Find out more about the destinations I have visited right here and what content you can expect to see in the near future on my blog.

It's easy to see why Kinkaku-ji is one of Kyoto's biggest drawcards!

Readers keep coming back to The Invisible Tourist

I’ve been an Invisible Tourist for the last 9 years and love to inspire my readers to experience their next trip to the fullest by sharing my tips and tricks to “Be Invisible” when they travel. With 17,000+ page views a month and 25% returning visitors, readers especially love my detailed personal itineraries and inspiration so you can expect to find more of this on my blog very soon!

Quick Stats (November 2017)

Monthly Page Views: 17,000+
Unique Monthly Visitors: 10,500+
Pinterest: 800+
Instagram: 500+
Facebook: 260+

Get in touch!

If you’d like to work with The Invisible Tourist and promote invisible tourism, I’d love to hear from you! My media kit can be found here. Alternatively you can download my media kit by clicking the image below ⬇️

Media Kit | The Invisible Tourist

Please note: 

  • Only brands or services that I have personally used, loved and suit the theme of my blog will be considered. I am not accepting sponsored posts at this time.
  • I am no longer accepting awards from fellow bloggers in exchange for exposure. I’d like to focus my attention on creating my own content. Thank you!

Hope to hear from you soon!

The Invisible Tourist