The reward of a thing well done is having done it” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Just 6 weeks into blogging I’m very proud and excited to announce I have made Easy Planet Travel’s “Best Travel Blogs of 2017” list!

This list was created with the aim of raising awareness about newcomers to the blogging industry who offer the most valuable content. With only a handful of followers so far I was pretty chuffed to be noticed quite early on in my blogging journey! Maybe I’m doing something right 😊

You can find the article where I am proudly featured here.

I’m SO excited to receive this award and I congratulate my fellow bloggers who also made the list! 🎉

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The Invisible Tourist Award

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Thanks for your support and here’s hoping there’s more to come!

The Invisible Tourist


Alyse has spent 9 years travelling "The Invisible Tourist Way" and hopes to encourage fellow travellers to do so, too. A professional language hoarder, she can usually be found burying herself in travel books and Wikipedia articles. Her dreams? Always about the next destination and how to make the most of the experience.


  1. I can see why you were nominated your blog is fantastic for such a new blog. Can you tell me what theme you are using? I love it and really want to upgrade my own blog.

    • Alyse
      Alyse Reply

      Thanks for your lovely compliment, Kaylie! Sure, I’ll send you an email 🙂

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