In case you missed it, being an Invisible Tourist is about making a conscious effort to “blend in” when travelling. The aim is to minimise any negative impacts tourism has on locals, their communities, their culture and natural environment.

About The Invisible Tourist

Hi, I’m Alyse! A proud author, travel content creator and old-school graphic designer from Australia. Thanks for visiting and wanting to reach out, here’s a little about my blog to answer some questions you may have.

I travelled for 9 years before this travel blog was even a twinkle in my eye! Having visited 30+ countries and 260+ cities across five continents, I founded The Invisible Tourist in 2017 with a passionate focus on travelling in a responsible, culturally sustainable way. By sharing my personal experiences through detailed and engaging content, my mission is to inspire others to do so to improve tourism – for tourists AND locals. 

Everything featured on my blog has been designed to help my readers be more mindful, invisible tourists. I practice what I preach (quite literally) so you may notice there aren’t any photos of me on this blog – I prefer to let experiences speak for themselves.

The Invisible Tourist features articles about:

  • Encouraging responsible, sustainable tourism in a simple way
  • Increasing awareness about overtourism: Issues caused by & how to avoid contributing
  • Sharing my personal tried-and-tested, day-by-day itineraries & travel destination guides
  • Exploring off-the-beaten path & alternatives to popular destinations
  • Recommending authentic, local & cultural experiences.

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A weekend in Bruges

Sustainable & Responsible Travel

The Invisible Tourist is the first blog in the travel niche to focus on inspiring travellers to NOT look and act like stereotypical tourists when abroad. I’m honoured to be recognised by Scott’s Cheap Flights amongst some of the most respected blogger names in the Responsible Travel niche.

My blog explores the benefits of being “invisible” with the aim of improving tourism for locals and tourists alike.

As travel is becoming accessible to more people every day, exploring the world in a responsible and sustainable way has never been more important. 

Hosier Lane is essential to any Melbourne itinerary

Partnership Opportunities

So, why should you work with The Invisible Tourist?

I highly value my audience and their trust is paramount. Therefore, I will only partner with or recommend products or services that I have personally used and believe in myself.

Because I travel for the love of travel (and not for freebies), I am highly selective about the partnership opportunities I choose to accept. 

My readers prefer to choose quality, in-depth experiences over fleeting visits that only scratch the surface of a destination. They also enjoy my unique “invisible tourist” approach to travelling in order to help support locals while making the most of their travel experiences.

If your product or service is all about helping travellers make more of an effort to “blend in” when they travel, feel free to get in touch using the form below. My rate card and media kit are available on request.

Due to the high volume of queries I receive, please allow me 3-5 business days to respond.

IMPORTANT: Kindly note due to the high number of inquiries, I can only respond to requests I believe will be a great fit for my blog and audience.

Please take the time to browse around and learn more about me.

That Wanaka Tree is a popular Queenstown day trip

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Finally, please note that my blog isn’t a travel agency. I am unavailable to create customised itineraries, book private guided tours, accommodation or tickets at a destination on your behalf.

I’ve shared my personal itineraries and travel guides that are simple to follow along, so I recommend having a browse through. My itineraries show you how and where to book these things on your own, allowing you to be a more confident and prepared tourist before your trip.

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