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Travelling to Japan for the first time? Or wanting to head back again for more? I research a destination in-depth so you don’t have to! Explore Japan off the beaten path, participate in authentic cultural experiences as well as enjoy popular destinations in a sustainable way with my super-detailed Japan travel blog that covers all the bases.

I’m a Japan blogger who has had an obsession with visiting this country for over a decade, and had the pleasure of enjoying multiple trips during different seasons in that time. Collectively I’ve spent many months exploring The Land of the Rising Sun, and now I share all my exclusive Japan travel tips with you from my unique perspective!

On this page you’ll find my personal, tried-and-tested Japan itineraries and travel guides in detail to simplify your Japan trip planning. Find out costs, things to do, where to stay, options to get around and more. Dotted throughout you’ll learn Japanese etiquette, culture and customs to help you better blend in to ease the tourism burden on local communities.

I’m always sharing many new Japan travel destinations as I visit regularly from Australia, making The Invisible Tourist one of the most up-to-date travel blogs about Japan on the internet. So stay tuned and learn how to be an Invisible Tourist when you travel in Japan to make the most of your visit!

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AD-FREE versions of my Japan itineraries are now available in PDF format for offline use, perfect for when you’re on the go. Be prepared and organised ahead of your future trip!

What to Pack for Japan? 19 Things You Haven’t Thought Of (& What NOT to Bring)

Wondering what things to pack for Japan? My pacing list covers what to wear in Japan (plus what NOT to wear and bring!) It also includes items for how to be a responsible tourist to minimise your environmental footprint as well as things to make the flight more comfortable. Use the handy travel checklist for reference later! 

Discover More of Japan

Whether you’re planning to visit Japan’s Golden Route (Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka – Hiroshima) or wander off the beaten path, my Japan travel guides cover all the bases. Create your own Japan travel story by exploring lesser-known cities, enjoying cultural experiences and discovering hidden gems to enrich your trip.

Planning a trip to Japan? 20+ Essential Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

When is the best time to visit Japan? Just the thought of planning a Japan trip may seem overwhelming at first. For a seemingly small island nation, there is so much to see! Where do you start? 

No need to worry as I’ve done all the ground work for you and shared my best advice from my several visits to this incredible country.

Find out exactly how to prepare for a trip to Japan, common tourist mistakes, what to book in advance, how to avoid crowds and so much more!

Latest from the Japan Travel Blog

Discover the latest in cultural experiences, hidden gems, off the beaten path destinations and more on my Japan travel blog.


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Do's and Don'ts in Japan

Japan is an incredible country quite like no other. In saying that, there are a few cultural differences compared to Western countries you may not have thought of!

So what can you do to “be invisible?” How can you not look like a tourist in Japan, avoid contributing to overtourism and make the most of your visit?

Learn where to go to escape crowds, discover more about local culture through exciting experiences and more travel tips for your visit!

Japan Travel Tips

Wondering what traditional souvenirs from Japan to buy? Worried about the language barrier? Overwhelmed with where to start planning a Japan trip? Curious about what tickets to buy in advance? Don’t be! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about preparing for an unforgettable trip to Japan, every time.

19 Beautiful Japanese Words to Bring Meaning to the Ordinary

These beautiful Japanese words help bring more meaning into life by highlighting things you didn’t notice before. Learn about Japanese culture through language & the beauty of appreciating the small things from a fresh perspective!

Bring Japan to You

Like Japanese sweets, snacks and candies? Can’t get to Japan right now but want to satisfy your curiosity? No worries – You’re going to love having them delivered directly to your door, anywhere in the world with TokyoTreat and Sakuraco!

My detailed reviews for these Japanese subscription boxes cover first impressions, notes about delivery, featured snacks and more to help you be an Invisible Tourist at home.

Overtourism in Japan

With a boom visitors in recent years, Japan faced a host of issues related to overtourism.

The influx of tourists caused problems with local infrastructure, damage to significant historical sites and had negative impacts on locals’ quality of life. 

Here’s what you need to know about overtourism in Japan and what you can do to avoid contributing during your visit in the future.

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