Be Invisible: Responsible Tourism

How can you visit a destination without standing out as a tourist? By being invisible, of course!

Being an Invisible Tourist is about making a conscious effort to ‘blend in’ when travelling. By taking a sustainable tourism approach to our travels, we can take the stress out of trip planning and work towards curbing the negative effects of overtourism.

I’ve embraced responsible travel for the past 14 years and created this blog to share my detailed travel guides & itineraries to help you be invisible, too. Each article is especially tailored around ways you can enrich your travel experience and benefit local communities.

These cultural etiquette guides written by local people I’ve reached out to will help ensure you’re confident and prepared before your trip.

Are you ready to learn how to be a responsible tourist and make a meaningful difference?
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How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in 14 Easy Steps

Our world is full of wonderful different cultures, each one unique in their own way. In saying that, there are just as many cultural differences between us all you may not have thought of!

So what can you do to “be invisible?” How can you avoid looking like a tourist anywhere in the world, avoid contributing to overtourism and make the most of your visit?

By adopting these 14 simple steps to “blend in” as best as possible on your next adventure, you’re guaranteed to have a more enjoyable and stress-free trip. Find out what you need to do!

What is an Invisible Tourist?

In a world where overtourism has caused major issues for locals at popular destinations, Invisible Tourists ask the following questions and seek solutions:

“How can we continue to travel yet minimise the disruption to locals?”

“How can we help preserve the identity & culture of the places we visit?”

“What can we do to give back to locals whilst we’re travelling?”

How to Not Look Like a Tourist: Unlocking Your Hidden Power for Overtourism Solutions | The Invisible Tourist

How to NOT Like a Tourist in Europe & UK

Planning a trip to Europe or the United Kingdom? These tips and tricks will have you blending in amongst locals in no time:

22 Crucial Barcelona Travel Tips to Not Look Like a Tourist 

19 Crucial Paris Travel Tips to NOT Look Like a Tourist

16 Essential Prague Travel Tips to Help You NOT Look Like a Tourist

12 Helpful Athens, Greece Travel Tips to NOT Look Like a Tourist

22 Essential Ireland Travel Tips to Not Look Like a Tourist

20 Practical Scotland Travel Tips to Help You NOT Look Like a Tourist

Do’s & Don’ts for How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in Madrid, Spain

Vienna Travel Tips: 13 Do’s and Don’ts to Not Look Like a Tourist

18 Crucial Do’s & Don’ts in St Petersburg, Russia to Know Before You Go

Visiting Georgia: 11 Useful Tbilisi Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

What to Eat in Spain to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in London, UK

A Local’s Guide to London for First-Time Visitors

Handy Berlin Insider Tips to Help You NOT Look Like a Tourist

Tips About Living in Munich to Make Your Visit Non-Touristy

Travel Estonia: Tallinn Tips You Need to Know Before You Go

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Helsinki, Finland You Haven’t Thought Of

When is the Best Month to Visit Paris? Surprisingly, It’s NOT When You Think

7 Completely Annoying Reasons Why Mykonos, Greece is Overrated

Why you Shouldn't Leave Love Locks in Paris (Or Anywhere)

For many years, leaving love locks in Paris and beyond seemed like the “thing” for lovers of romance to do.

After all, it is a nice idea in theory to leave a piece representing you and your lover behind forever, right? Wrong.

Here’s why invisible tourists would never leave padlocks in Paris, or anywhere around the globe. What are the sustainable alternatives?

"No one likes an annoying tourist. Annoying tourists contribute to overtourism and tourism pollution."

~ Alyse

How to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Asia

Even if you aren’t of Asian heritage, learning the cultural do’s and don’ts for your next destination will be invaluable:

30 Do’s & Don’ts in Japan: Crucial Etiquette to Know Before You Go

10 South Korea Travel Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

6 Unique Experiences in Takayama Old Town Revealed By a Local

10 Useful Taiwan Travel Tips from a Local to Know Before You Go

Must-Know Cultural Etiquette in Thailand: 15 Do’s and Don’ts

10 Vital Chiang Mai Travel Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

10 Simple Do’s & Don’ts in Bali, Indonesia to NOT Look Like a Tourist

What to Do in Laos (+ What NOT to Do) to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

How to Learn Any Language for Travel with 6 Essential Resources

Learning a language for travel doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think. It can mean the difference between an awkward or rewarding exchange with locals at your destination.

Did you know I’m a language hoarder? This means I’ve learnt lots of bits and pieces of different languages without being fluent in any. This has saved my bacon a number of times when abroad!

With basic phrases in Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Russian under my belt, if I can do it you certainly can. Find out the free and paid resources I use to learn languages for travel, and achieve results fast.

"As Invisible Tourists, we should be supporting locals, not making their lives more difficult."

~ Alyse

How to 'Blend In' in North America

Visiting somewhere within the United States or Mexico? Here’s what to do (and what NOT to do) to blend in with locals:

10 Chicago Hidden Gems & Secret Places Most Tourists Miss

8 Useful Chicago Travel Tips to Not Look Like a Tourist

How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in New York City

Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips to Not Look Like a Tourist

How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in Dallas, Texas

San Francisco Insider Tips to Know Before You Go

How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in Tampa, Florida

Should You Use Airbnb? 8 Troubling Issues You Didn't Know

With the explosion in popularity of Airbnb and other homestay accommodation services in recent years, many local residents have been priced out of their own neighbourhoods.

But how does staying in homestay accommodation for a cheaper holiday actually make life more difficult for some locals? Is using these services something a responsible tourist would do?

Find out what issues have stemmed from homestay accommodation services such as Airbnb and important things to look out for and ethical alternatives that actually benefit locals!

"By 'being invisible' we can pave the way towards more responsible, ethical and sustainable travel."

~ Alyse

More Places to 'Be Invisible'

Here’s what you can do to not stand out as a tourist in more destinations around the world:

How to Visit Antarctica from Australia in a Single Day

Tips About Living in Melbourne, Australia to Make Your Visit Non-Touristy

9 Crucial Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Abu Dhabi for Tourists

What to Do in Muscat, Oman: Tips to Experience Life Like a Local

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