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What’s the secret to creating the perfect travel itinerary every time? The short answer is to use mine as a starting point! Equipped with the new rules for responsible tourists, I’ve already done all the travel planning and shared my experiences on the ground here in one place to help you “be invisible” on your next trip, too.

I’m a trip planning addict. Here I’ve shared many of my personal itineraries that have helped millions of tourists like you (yes, seriously!). The key is to have an organised structure to ensure you see everything you wish, while allowing enough flexibility to not feel rushed. Being prepared beforehand will help you enjoy being in the moment when you’re there!

All my efficient travel guides and itineraries cover popular sights and the meanings behind them, combined with hidden gems and locations off the beaten path to help dilute your tourist footprint. Sprinkled throughout you’ll find loads of location-specific travel tips and how to enjoy cultural experiences to help keep local traditions alive.

There’s no need to think about using a travel agent as I’ve included honest reviews for where to stay, things to do, what to eat, costs, how to get around and more from my own tried-and-tested experiences.

Are you ready to start planning a travel itinerary for your next destination?
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10 Easy Solutions to Travel & Avoid Contributing to Overtourism Issues

Are there any solutions to overtourism? I believe there are! These tips are applicable to any destination and can be easily be incorporated into your itinerary planning.

I’ve been travelling as an invisible tourist for many years and I’d love to inspire you, too. This travel philosophy aims to improve tourism for locals and tourists alike.

This is an issue I’m very passionate about and one of the reasons why I created this blog. All it takes is a little preparation and know-how before you go. Here’s how!

Europe Itinerary Planning

7 Days in Switzerland Itinerary: Complete Guide for First-Timers | The Invisible Tourist

1 Week in Switzerland Itinerary: Complete Guide for First-Timers

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Stunning Places to Explore in Greece Off the Beaten Path

42 Magnificent UNESCO Sites in Europe to Add to Your Bucket List

Skip the Line! Buy Tickets in Advance to these Europe Attractions

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely HATE wasting precious travel time lining up to get in to a popular attraction, but really want to visit to complete your trip. After all, there’s usually a reason why they are so popular!

But is there a way to bypass this issue, save time and possibly avoid crowds while you’re at it?

Never fear, there are now plenty of tourist attractions in Europe where you can buy tickets in advance online. In many cases, you can even skip the massive queue to get in! Find out here.

Asia Itinerary Planning

All Japan Itineraries, Travel Guides, Tips & Inspiration

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Essential Singapore Packing List: Best Items to Wear (& What Not to Bring)

Where to Stay in Seoul for First Time Visitors

7 Days in Seoul Itinerary: Complete Guide for First Timers

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Antarctica Flights Review: Is a Sightseeing Day Trip Worth It?

Rugged mountain peaks. Endless glaciers. Icebergs the size of cities. Antarctica is the most uninhabitable continent on our planet. But rather than spending weeks on a ship from Argentina to get there, days trips from Australia are a possibility!

While they don’t come cheap, find out what it’s really like in my detailed Antarctica flights review. I share the honest truth about seats and more to help you decide if this unique bucket list experience is worth it for you.

Oceania Itinerary Planning

15 Weekend Getaways from Sydney for Your Next Road Trip

17 Fun Things to Do in the Hunter Valley for a Country Escape

14 Enjoyable Things to Do in the Hunter Valley for Non-Drinkers

Where to Find Cheap Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley from $5

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Should You Use Airbnb? 8 Troubling Issues You Didn't Know

With the explosion in popularity of Airbnb and other homestay accommodation services in recent years, many local residents have been priced out of their own neighbourhoods.

But how does staying in homestay accommodation for a cheaper holiday actually make life more difficult for some locals? Is using these services something a responsible tourist would do?

Find out what issues have stemmed from homestay accommodation services such as Airbnb, important things to look out for and ethical alternatives that actually benefit locals!

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"By 'being invisible' we can pave the way towards more responsible, ethical and sustainable travel."

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