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Learn how to “blend in” in Japan! Explore my free and detailed day-by-day itineraries, language and cultural etiquette guides, step-by step Japan trip planner and more, especially suited for first-time visitors.

Visited Japan before and hope to “be invisible” on your next trip? My off the beaten path ideas, hidden gems and local experiences are for you.

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Want to learn my secrets for “blending in” during your future travels? Discover how to unlock your hidden power as a tourist with my #1 Amazon New Release book, be organised for your next trip with my offline PDF itineraries & more.

Hi, I’m Alyse. For 15 years I’ve been embracing Invisible Tourism.

Being an Invisible Tourist is about making a conscious effort to ‘blend in’ when travelling. The aim is to minimise any negative impacts tourism has on locals, their communities, their culture and natural environment. So… how’s your invisibility cloak?

Founded in 2017, I created this blog to be the #1 source of information to help you NOT look like a tourist on your next trip. There are loads of benefits for you, and locals! It’s possible on a mid-range budget and without backpacks, hostels or five-star hotels. I’ll show you how!

Everything you’ll find on my blog has been designed to help you be a more mindful, invisible tourist. From my travel itineraries and unpopular truths to authentic local experiences, it’s all here to help you travel without contributing to overtourism. 

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What is an Invisible Tourist?

In a world where overtourism has caused major issues for locals at popular destinations, Invisible Tourists ask the following questions and seek solutions:

“How can we continue to travel yet minimise the disruption to locals?”

“How can we help preserve the identities & culture of places we visit?”

“What can we do to give back to locals whilst we’re travelling?”

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Free Itineraries & Travel Guides

I research every destination in-depth so I know what to expect when I’m there to travel in the most efficient way. Now I’m sharing my itineraries so you can, too!

If you love spending a little extra time in a destination to get to know it better whilst avoiding crowds, my itineraries are for you! Each covers:

• The best things to see & do
• How to get around
• Costs for budgeting

• Where to eat
• Where to stay
• And much more!

“As tourists we should be supporting locals, not making their lives more difficult.”

~ Alyse

Travel Resources

My go-to favourite resources for travelling with a mid-range budget. Includes what I use to travel efficiently when abroad and tips for finding flights, accommodation, travel products and more.

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