All that glitters is not gold.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE Greece. It’s the destination I find my mind wanders to when someone is telling me an incredibly boring story. Imagining the gorgeous beaches, crystal waters and whitewashed buildings is ridiculously easy once you’ve been there. On top of that locals are some of the friendliest I’ve ever encountered.

While Mykonos does have a few beautiful vistas and I have no regrets visiting, there are a few things I personally didn’t like about it. In fact I’d go as far to say Mykonos is overrated and things turned out to be the complete opposite to what I had envisioned – I knew I should have gone to Corfu instead! Before you go ahead and cyber-slap me, hear me out… This article backs up my claims 😉

50 shades of blue
50 shades of blue

Here’s 7 annoying reasons why Mykonos is overrated:

#1 Irritating dining experiences

Incredibly narrow footpaths cluttered with dining chairs and crowds of people trying to get past don’t mix. Whoever thought this was a good idea obviously didn’t think about the challenge their customers would face simply raising a fork to their mouth to take a bite of their meal. I witnessed tourists constantly knocking the elbows of diners and bumping into their chairs as they attempted to squeeze through these obstacle courses. It’s definitely not ideal for sunset-watching or keeping swathes of people moving efficiently.

#2 The “Party Island of Greece” is always late to the party

Nightlife doesn’t actually start until the early hours of the morning. You can expect to be the only patron in a nightclub until about 11pm when a hoard of Tour Groupies on a Contiki tour will come through and make the bar feel alive… Until they head off to the next bar after 1 drink, leaving you on your lonesome once more. Party-goers only start heading out to clubs around 1am. Urgh, Mykonos is overrated.

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#3 Beach access has to be bought

Having to pay €12 for sun chairs and drink service on every beach in the morning when no one else is there (because the entire island has just gone to bed) is quite annoying. Yes, I know it’s like this at many beaches across Europe but as an Australian it’s a pretty strange concept when you’ve been spoilt with the luxury of throwing a towel anywhere on the sand and sitting where you like, for free.

#4 Cacti, Desert & Donkeys

The only real picturesque area is Little Venice and the iconic windmills. Yes, some of the little alleyways with boutiques and restaurants are lovely if you can manage to navigate past without knocking someone off their chair whilst they eat lunch. But, let’s be honest. The rest of the island can be summarised in 3 words: cacti, desert and donkeys. Believe me, my travel buddy and I hired a scooter to get around so we saw more than most!

#5 Everyone runs on “Island Time”

Forget using the shuttle buses. They are meant to run every half hour from the town down to the port but they had a habit of not turning up. Yes, I’m aware some people like to run on “island time” but as a visitor I’d rather spend that waiting time doing something I enjoy. No one likes being left in the lurch, especially late at night.

#6 People prove Mykonos is overrated

There’s quite a pretentious vibe on the island. Most people are trying to “be someone” documenting their every move on their phones or video cameras. Drinks at empty bars were €12 during my visit. They should be paying me €12 for bringing some life to their establishment, seeing as no one else will be there until 1am! Why Mykonos, why?

Little Venice, Mykonos
Little Venice. Very lovely if you can manage to stumble through the obstacle course of dining chairs on the footpath

#7 More expensive than Athens and other islands

I’m not sure if this is because Mykonos is like a “celebrity Instagram” destination or something else but I found eating out and drinking to be much cheaper in Athens, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini. Heck, in Athens you can get a bottle of water for €0.50, while in Mykonos they were charging up to €4 in some places I visited. Isn’t that ridiculous?

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Rant over!

Phew! In saying all that, if you’ve been following me a little while you’re likely to know I’m a massive fan of travelling efficiently to get the most out of my precious travel time. Unfortunately, I had no idea beforehand that Mykonos was probably not well suited for my travel style. Waiting around for unreliable public transport, paying through the nose for drinks in a bar with no atmosphere and dealing with crowds of people weaving through confined spaces just isn’t for me.

I’m not saying don’t go. Mykonos is lovely to see but it’s useful to keep these things in mind for your visit so you won’t find it as disappointing as I did. Don’t set those expectations too high. And please, forget trying to dine in a narrow alleyway during summer and go watch the sunset atop a white-washed hillside instead!

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Fun Fact:

The famous windmills date back to the 16th century!

Do you think that Mykonos is overrated too? Did you happen to know these nuances about Mykonos before your visit? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I’ve never been to Mykonos, but I guess maybe it is better to go to smaller and less-known islands than Mykonos and Santorini

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Thanks, Liz. That’s true, although for some reason Santorini was much nicer than Mykonos for me. None of these niggly things, hehe. I’m sure Mykonos is more enjoyable in the off season, I did visit at he height of summer. The smaller islands would be beautiful, too!

  2. Alison - Up&AtEm Travel Reply

    I’ve heard great things about Mykonos, but after reading your post, I may reconsider… It seems like we have similar travel styles! Still, you managed to capture beautiful photos. 🙂

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Thank you, Alison! It’s still nice to see, but it’s just good to know these things so it’s not a surprise when you get there 😌

  3. Having been to Mykonos, I do get where you are coming from on some of these points. But it sure is beautiful there!

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      I agree, some parts surely are beautiful. Maybe because I’d been to Santorini before I was a little let down with Mykonos. Thanks for your comment, Alexis!

  4. Great post, it’s so good to read a realistic blog about a location that you didn’t love. I personally go to Corfu quite a lot as it’s so beautifully green and mountainous; the desert, cacti and donkeys of Myknons don’t appeal to me! Ha!

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Zara! I’m dying to visit Corfu, it looks incredible and is at the top of my bucket list. Yeah most of Mykonos island looks the same away from the main town 😉

  5. haha I love a good rant blog! Great photos! Thinking about going to Greece this year with a tour company. Need some more planning though! Great blog! Thanks for the advise!

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Hehe that means a lot, thank you Natasha! Oh you should totally go, Greece is wonderful! If you go with a tour check if they will spend more time in Santorini than Mykonos… Santorini is worth the extra time 💙

  6. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. Haven’t been to Mykonos yet but I’ve seen tons of catchy photos. I’d probably go and check for myself but in general I’m not impressed.

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Thanks for commenting, Evelina. You definitely shouldn’t just take my word for it, experience it for yourself – Mykonos may surprise you in a good way! But it’s handy to know these things in advance to be prepared 🙂

  7. I do know that it is meant to be quite the party location, but the fact that everyone is on bar crawls & there is only atmosphere there for a short period of time would really start to annoy me! I genuinely like reading negative reviews about places when they are backed up like yours are, that way you get the true impression of the place.

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Yes it was really strange! I mean what’s the point of “nightlife” if it doesn’t truly kick off until the early hours of the morning? Maybe I’m missing something, hehe. Thanks for your comment, Emily 🙂

  8. I’ve heard similar things about Mykonos! So sad that it doesn’t exactly have the same charm, but luckily Greece has so many other amazing spots to visit! Thanks for your point of view!

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Ah I am glad to hear it wasn’t just me. Yes it definitely does, thank goodness! Greece is so beautiful. Thanks for your comment, Lara!

  9. Your Pictures are beautiful, maybe it is overrated, but it still Looks good 😉 I like your honesty, great post!

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Thanks a lot, Katharina! I agree it still looks good, you can’t really beat those Greek blue skies and sunsets 🙂

  10. I’ve never been but did wonder if it was all too good to be true! Loved your post. As a fellow Aussie it had me cracking up. Seriously paying for beach access? Nope not on mate

    • The Invisible Tourist
      The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Thank you so much, Jean! Glad you had a chuckle. Haha I think I uttered something similar to “not on, mate” when I was there too 😅 But, when in Rome..!

  11. If you are not at least 3 of the following:

    really rich

    This island is not really for you. You will find other islands are much nicer.

    The locals outside the main town are really nice, especially if you speak a little greek. But in the main part of town and the beaches you will feel you are just a cash cow.

    I tick only 1 maybe 2 of the boxes above and that was my experience

    • Alyse, The Invisible Tourist
      Alyse, The Invisible Tourist Reply

      Oh I’m sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience too, Elias! Here’s hoping to better experiences on other Greek Islands 🙂

  12. I just found this and had to laugh! I’ve never been to Mykonos but can totally see where you’re coming from. I had irritations about Santorini too, although mostly a little different to yours (how expensive stuff is and the ENDLESS posers is the same, though), which I wrote a post about – I think it’s a little controversial as many people love the place, but it’s just not for me. Hey, we all prefer different things when we travel and thats ok!

    • Alyse
      Alyse Reply

      Haha thanks so much, Rachel! I think Santorini has changed a bit in recent years (in terms of types of visitors) thanks to social media. I noticed a big change in the 5 years between my visits. While it is truly beautiful, everyone wants to get that Instagram shot! So yes Mykonos pretty much the same in that regard. True though, everyone prefers different things – each to their own 😉

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