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Leave the beach at the beach” ~ Tesalate.

They say unicorns don’t exist. They’re mythical creatures that only occur in cartoons and our imaginations, right? Well, I think I’ve found a real-life one – the unicorn of beach towels, that is.

It seems mythical that you could bring home a towel from the beach and not have any sneaky sand left over in the bottom of your bag. A towel that’s so compact you could fit it into a cross-body bag. And, it dries super fast?

No way.

You guys, in this Tesalate towel review I’ll explain how I was surprised all this is now a reality!

This Tesalate beach towel review will cover:

  • Tesalate Beach Towel Features
    • Sand free beach towel properties
    • Absorbency properties
    • Quick dry beach towel properties
    • Size and specifications
  • Delivery
  • First Impressions
  • Putting it to the test
  • Additional uses for your Tesalate towel
    • In-home use
    • Travel use
  • Where to buy a sand free beach towel
  • Final verdict & conclusion

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Tesalate Beach Towel Review

Why is this towel so magical? Let’s jump into why I now believe it’s the best travel towel!

Full disclosure up front: Tesalate were kind enough to send me a complimentary sand free beach towel for me to try for this review. I pride myself on only accepting offers with brands if I believe their product fits in within the theme of my blog (which is about being an “invisible tourist”, if you haven’t guessed by its name). I’ll also always tell you so you can be informed when making your decision 🙂

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A sandless beach towel?

Anyway, the idea of a sandless beach towel had me intrigued. It means Tesalate towel users will literally “leave the beach at the beach,” which helps preserve our environment. Plus, its compact folded size means it was easy to fit in a small bag. I only use small bags when travelling as this helps me not stand out as a tourist when abroad.

Tesalate beach towel features

  • It’s sand free! The clever cookies at Tesalate have created Absorblite™ microfiber technology (80% polyester + 20% polyamide) to prevent sand sticking to the towel. As they say, this means you’re able to “leave the beach at the beach.”
  • It’s ultra absorbency means it can actually hold up to one litre of water. Not sure if anyone would actually need it to carry that much, but hey, maybe if you were in a survival situation in the desert it could come in handy.
  • It dries rapidly, in around half the time of a regular towel. In my own test below, I can say the towel did live up to this claim.
  • It’s compact and light. Although the towel measures 160cm x 80cm (63 x 31″ for my American friends), its thin profile means it folds up to almost nothing. Perfect for travel or carrying around in a small bag.


After my Tesalate order was placed, it was dispatched within 24 hours and I received it the following day via Express Post. Awesome for us fellow Aussies! Tesalate also have FREE international shipping with tracking, usually taking between 2-10 business days to reach most areas on the world.

First impressions of my Tesalate towel

I’m a lover of small details so I was pleasantly surprised that the towel came folded neatly within its own branded drawstring slipcase. Inside the slipcase was a small card with a quick overview of its features and care instructions. The reverse detailed a brief story about how Tesalate began. My towel was also wrapped in tissue paper, a nice touch that made it feel special!

An eye-catching Sakura design is beautifully featured on one side with the Tesalate logo (I chose the Sakura design because I love anything to do with Japan). The black-and-white triangular Tesalate pattern adorns the reverse side, so there’s no mistaking your towel from your friend’s at the beach. The edges also include a thick stitch, which is a nice addition and prevents the towel from fraying.

Unlike regular towels, Tesalate beach towels have a loop stitched into one side to make hanging easy. The towel felt a little stiff at first, and I also noticed an incredibly subtle waffle-like texture. Although, I later realised after its first use and wash it becomes much softer and silky to the touch.

Putting the Tesalate beach towel to the test

To make this a fair review, I tested my Tesalate towel at the pool and beach. I wanted to examine its sand free, quick-drying and absorbent properties to see how they measured up to the claims.

Using the quick dry towel at the pool

During my pool day I was surprised at how quickly it dried after use. I don’t usually get my hair wet when swimming so it was fine for drying off my body and it was dry after about an hour in the sun. It would probably take a bit longer if you dried off your hair.

In addition to using it for a day at the pool I did some extra testing. The next day I hung my towel on the clothesline and doused half of it with the hose, the other half with a gentle spray of water to replicate it getting splashed at the poolside. The half with the gentle spray was the equivalent amount of water the towel absorbed on my pool day. I was pleased to see it was dry in an hour in the sun, again.

The half that I completely drenched with the hose took much longer than I thought to soak through completely. This half was dry around the 2 hour mark, which I was quite impressed with. Usually my existing towels take much of the day to dry completely, even after they’ve been spun-dry in the washing machine. My Tesalate beach towel had no spin drying or wringing out of any sort, I just left it be. To me, this was a great result!

Tesalate Sakura Beach Towel Detail

Trying the sandless towel at the beach

Is this really a beach towel that repels sand? Surely there has to be some little grains that cling on, even when it’s wet? Nope. I was pretty amazed that sand literally bounced off this beach towel. I tried wet and dry sand, both flinging off with a quick shake… Even when the towel was wet.

Like rainwater beading on a brand new car’s surface, the sand seemed to gather and glide off effortlessly. Now you can think of your Tesalate towel and the sand as two magnets that keep repelling each other. Sand just refuses to stick! It’s actually very cool and almost seems like magic if you’ve struggled with regular sandy beach towels previously.



Additional uses for your Tesalate quick dry beach towel

Did you know there are a few extra uses for this awesome microfibre beach towel?

Regular in-home use

Believe it or not, this towel will do you a favour each time you wash your hair. Does your curly, untameable hair tick you off? If you can relate to your hair becoming extra frizzy (and even a little matted) each time you dry it with a regular towel, I hear you. Urgh, I hate wasting time on my unruly hair, too!

As this is a microfibre towel, its smoother surface doesn’t cause my curly hair fluff up when drying it, which speeds up the styling process – thank goodness! My towel loves slurping up all the stubborn water that usually clings to my hair, leaving it so much easier to blowdry afterwards. As a bonus, it feels so light to wrap up in a turban to help your hair dry if you’re doing other things.

Travel use

This really may be the best travel towel, ever! In my opinion, Tesalate have created the ideal lightweight towel to bring along with you on your adventures. There’s no longer a need to dry your hair with the coarse hotel towels anymore when you have a Tesalate one and its quick dry properties are an added bonus.

Do you travel lightly and hate how your items float about in your suitcase (even when using travel cubes)? Perhaps you already do this with your towel if you bring one travelling with you, but I’m a huge fan of using my towel to cover my belongings in my suitcase. My Tesalate towel is thin enough that I don’t need to worry about it adding much extra weight to my baggage allowance.

I simply fold the towel and tuck it down into the sides of my suitcase or carry-on before criss-crossing the straps. That way everything remains where I wanted it to be after my suitcase gets knocked and thrown around on flights.

These added benefits mean tourists and homebodies alike can rejoice!

Final verdict & conclusion

As you may have already guessed, I can highly recommend the sand free and quick dry Tesalate beach towel. I love that it folds/rolls up into a small size so it’s not a hassle to carry around. After its first use it feels soft, it’s crazy absorbent and its ability to repel sand makes it the best travel towel in my eyes!

Thanks again to Tesalate for such an innovative and attractive product. Not only are the designs great to look at, the compact size, sandless fibres and quick-dry properties make this a great gift idea for the beach lover in your life (or for yourself!)

Where to buy a sand free beach towel

You can purchase these Tesalate website for AUD 79.00, alternatively there are similar bestseller options here on Amazon.

What do you think about this sand free beach towel review? Has it convinced you to get one into your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time,

The Invisible Tourist

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Tesalate Beach Towel Review | The Invisible Tourist #traveltowel #tesalate #sandfree #quickdry #traveltips #invisibletourism

This sand free beach towel review contains some affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. As always, I only recommend a product or service that I genuinely love and use myself!

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  1. Hi Alyse,

    I recently purchased a Tesalate towel and everything you’ve written is correct. I love that it is so compact and multi functional. Definitely a fantastic innovation!

    1. I have been looking hard at these towels, I really think I want to get one. I do have one question that never seems to be addressed… I live in Florida and LOVE the beach but HATE the sand on my skin (sensory issues), will this towel remove sand from skin? No one ever mentions anything about using the towel to help remove sand from skin…did you try? If so, how well did it work? We all know regular towels certainly don’t work well for this!

      1. Hi Monique, this is a great question!
        It’s winter here in Australia at the moment so I needed to pluck up the courage to get my feet wet and use some sand from the sandpit in the backyard to test 😆
        I have to admit I was quite surprised at how well it removed the sand from my wet feet, which is a big plus! It didn’t really leave any grains behind. Definitely an improvement on regular towels that just seem to move the sand around.
        I hope that helps 😊

  2. Nice Post and quite spot on with this towel. I got one a couple of months ago and it certainly is a towel with a difference, perfect for travel, perfect for the beach and it is what it is, sand free.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Anthony! It really is a game-changer in terms of being sand-free. So glad you like yours, too!

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