Detailed Switzerland Itineraries & Travel Guides

Planning a trip to Switzerland for the first time? I research a destination in-depth so you don’t have to! Explore Switzerland off the beaten path as well as enjoying popular attractions in a sustainable way with my Switzerland travel blog. I’ve shared my personal, tried-and-tested travel guides in detail to simplify your Switzerland trip planning. Find out costs, things to do, where to stay, options to get around and more. Learn how to be an Invisible Tourist in Switzerland to make the most of your visit!

1 Week in Switzerland Itinerary: Complete Guide for First-Timers

My detailed day-by-day itinerary will help you explore some of Switzerland’s best viewpoints and cities in one week. Why rush when there are so many amazing things to see and do?

Winter is a popular time to visit Switzerland, but it’s easy to avoid crowds. Be inspired by things to see and do, especially created for those of us who don’t plan on skiing!

2 Days in Lucerne Itinerary: Best of the Old Town & Mt Pilatus | The Invisible Tourist

Lucerne Itinerary: Best of the Old Town & Mt Pilatus

Glassy river with elegant swans, grand architecture, outdoorsy activities & a mountain home to magical dragons? Lucerne really has it all!

One Day in Geneva Itinerary: Uncover Secrets of the Old Town and Beyond | The Invisible Tourist

Geneva Itinerary: Uncover Secrets of the Old Town

Geneva is underrated Swiss city. Only have one day? Explore the main attractions and learn the meaning of gems hiding in plain sight!

One Day in Zurich Itinerary: Uncover Secrets of the Old Town | The Invisible Tourist

Zurich Itinerary: Uncover Secrets of the Old Town

Want to get beneath the surface of Zurich? Find out the best spots to visit in one day on my self-guided walking tour.

Incredible Zermatt Day Trip: One Day Itinerary for Non-Skiers | The Invisible Tourist

Incredible Zermatt Day Trip Itinerary fro Non-Skiers

Switzerland’s “Sunniest Corner” has so much to offer! Find out the best way to get there, sightseeing options and more for the iconic Matterhorn. 

One Day in Bern Itinerary: A Delightful Medieval Day Trip | The Invisible Tourist

Bern Itinerary: Delightful Medieval Day Trip

Visiting the Swiss capital? With medieval histories hiding in plain sight, here’s how to send an enjoyable day in Bern.

42 Magnificent UNESCO Sites in Europe

Ever wondered what the significance is of a popular attraction in Europe? My UNESCO World Heritage series covers the meanings behind them and what makes them magical to visit! How many are in Switzerland?